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About Pickle Time

Pickleball with Pickle Time

Pickle Time was created, in our opinion, in a very unique way.

Indoor pickleball court During the summer of 2020, Larry was hired by the NBA to work in the “basketball bubble” down in Orlando, Florida. During that time there were many restrictions due to COVID protocols. You were only allowed to go to and from the arena and required to stay on the property. At some point, the staff at Disney was kind enough to set up a pickle ball area to play. In order to keep some sanity through this challenging time, Larry started playing pickle ball, for a few reasons other than the sport itself. Playing pickle ball added to his daily workout regime, and honestly, it kept him out of his room. It also gave him time to socialize. When they say “bubble,” it is just that. A bubble. You could not see anyone other than the people approved to be there. So, your bubble became a part of your circle. Almost like your “work family.”

While learning to play from a few of the NBA refs, Larry quickly developed a love for the sport. It almost became addicting, and before you know it, Larry started thinking about bringing the sport here to Northwest Indiana.

While Jen was running the show back in St. John, Larry started creating a business plan. Upon his return in October, they began looking for the right property. Once we obtained the building, our design began.

Now let’s fast forward to January 2021, when Larry went back to Florida for the NBA G League Bubble. In that bubble, the idea and vision became a reality – ordering all of the materials for the building and designing the layout and what exactly they wanted to create.

Larry and Jen both have a background in management and family entertainment. They want to provide a place for people to come and enjoy the sport while also having fun. Their goal is to attract all ages and walks of life.

Pickle Time offers 2 outdoor courts (with outside lighting) and 4 indoor courts. The total square footage of the building is 11,200 sq. ft. The 4 indoor courts total 8,800 sq.ft.

We offer a seating area that has 32 seats and 4 TVs. We always have a stocked refrigerator that has water, Powerade (sugar free), Gatorade, Body Armor, Starbucks, Monster Energy, Bang, juice, and lemonade. In addition, we also sell pickles (Oh Snap and Van Holten’s) and individual popcorn bags from Epic Popcorn.

We do offer merchandise at additional cost. We have towels, bags, paddles, balls and shirts (long sleeve and short and the option of black or white).

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